About Scratchnpay


Scratch 'N' Pay recharge cards are designed to provide convenient payment methods for bills payment.

The Scratch 'N' Pay cards can be purchased from PHCN offices, Telecoms Recharge card vendors, IKEDC agent locations and designated centres across the zone.

The cards gives you the same monetary value written on the surface of the card. This means, if you purchase a Card of N1000, you buy energy worth N1000.

The Scratch 'n' Pay card for Ikeja Electricity Distribution company has the following denominations;

  • N 1,000
  • N 1,500
  • N 2,000
  • N 2,500
  • N 5,000
  • N 10,000

Each denomination gives you equivalent value for bill and services being paid for.

The Scratch 'n' Pay card can be used on the following devices;

  • Mobile Phone (mobile.ikejaedc.com)
  • Internet (www.ikejaedc.com)
  • POS Terminals
  • Electronic Kiosks
  • IKEDC Business Units

To Use the card, please follow the instruction at the back of the card.

Basically, you need to follow the steps below;

  • Purchase the card from any of the distributors or vendors.
  • Scratch the PIN area GENTLY to reveal a 16-digit secret PIN
  • Open the application IKEDC application on the payment device (Computers, POS, Mobile, Kioks etc)
  • Type the 16-digit PIN when prompted on the device

Note: The value on the card is the amount of energy sold to you. On the internet, however, any unutilized value during payment will be credited to you online wallet (Click here to read more about Scratch 'n' Pay Wallet)

For further assistance on Scratch 'n' Pay, please contact the Scratch 'n' Pay support team on 01-295 2058 or send us an email to support@scratchnpay.com